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The work of a nanny

A part-time job as a nanny in Switzerland can be a well-paid part-time job option. Childcare is an important task that can help you earn the extra money you want. These are some of the main tasks that are usually delegated to the nanny: Newborn care (nutrition, changing, bedtime), preparing food, bathing, dressing the children, or helping them with everyday tasks such as homework.

Other nanny tasks are designed to free parents from certain everyday chores related to their children, such as: Providing bottles, cleaning the children's room, or cleaning the kitchen after lunch, washing laundry, clearing and cleaning the children's playground, making cots, cleaning the children's room and bathroom, but also organizing and coordinating visits to museums, zoos and libraries, as well as sports and other activities.

The nanny often provides for a versatile everyday life organization of the children. These include, for example, out-of-home activities such as taking the children to kindergarten or school or picking them up, organising and taking care of games and walks in parks, taking the children to the swimming pool or other extracurricular activities.

Last but not least, the nanny also takes on tasks concerning the upbringing of children. This responsibility depends on the nannies' ability to organise appropriate educational activities and to find games that motivate children to learn and discover.

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