How do I hire a babysitter or a nanny?

At Babysitting24 we help you find a reliable babysitter, a loving nanny or a trustworthy daycare mother in your area. But what happens once you have found someone? There are several ways to employ your babysitter or nanny. Read below to find out how this works quickly and easily.


Hiring as a pocket money job

If your babysitter is under 25 years old and does not exceed an annual salary of CHF 750, neither accident insurance nor AHV registration are required. This is then a so-called pocket money job. In all other cases, our Fairboss employment assistant will help you.

Our assistant Fairboss will help you

At first, hiring sounds like a lot of work. But this does not have to be the case! This is exactly why we have developed Fairboss. Thanks to Fairboss, you can employ your AHV-liable babysitter or nanny legally and correctly in no time at all.

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How employing with Fairboss works

Create a free profile

To use our employment assistant Fairboss, simply create a free profile. With just a few clicks, you will be ready to start.

Go to Fairboss

Create new hire

Then create a new hire. All you have to do is fill in all the relevant data that our employment assistant requests. You will then receive the forms for your canton and can generate the employment contract with one click.

Conclude accident insurance

Accident insurance for domestic workers is mandatory in Switzerland. With this, you are protected against the financial consequences of an accident in case something happens to the employed caregiver during their working hours or on commutes to and from work. Accident insurance costs CHF 100 per year, regardless of the provider. As the employer, you are required to cover the costs. On Fairboss, you can even conclude your accident insurance online with just a few clicks.
Good to know: Accident insurance is not mandatory for employment as a pocket money job.


Mandatory accident insurance

We have further information on our guide pages if you would like to conclude accident insurance regardless of Fairboss. You can also find an application form there to conclude accident insurance with our partner Generali.

More about accident insurance

Register social security

As with any other job, childcare employees also need to be covered by social security. Therefore, for legal employment, you must register your babysitter or nanny with the Social Insurance Institution (SVA) of your canton. The registration includes all important social insurances. This ensures that your employee is financially covered in the event of invalidity, loss of earnings and unemployment.

You can download the corresponding registration form for your canton on Fairboss. Just complete the form and send it to the address in your canton that is listed on Fairboss.
Important: You have 30 days from the day of hiring to send in the registration.

Draw up the employment contract

We recommend that you draw up an employment contract when hiring your babysitter or nanny. This way you can put all the agreements regarding the employment relationship in writing, for example, the working hours, the wage, the number of paid leave days as well as sick pay.

Our service for you:

A contract template can be conveniently downloaded on Fairboss. If you like to save yourself the trouble of filling it out, you can use Fairboss Premium to create your individual employment contract with one click. Note: The contract of employment template is not applicable for employment as a pocket money job.

Create payroll

With Fairboss, you can track your babysitter's or nanny's working hours, allowing you to create payslips that are accurate to the hour. If applicable, you can also automatically calculate the family allowance and other wage adjustments with Fairboss. On the payslip, you can see all wage deductions and the net wage to be paid out at a glance.
With a Fairboss basic membership, the payslips are free of charge for three months. If you would like to continue creating your payslips with Fairboss, you can do so with the Premium membership.

Hire a babysitter or nanny now

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