What does a babysitter, nanny, or a daycare mother cost?

The costs for childcare depend on various factors. Read here which they are and what expenses you can expect.

How much is the hourly wage?

There are some points to be considered: Note that the hourly wage can be negotiated. Besides, it varies depending on the region, qualification, and experience of the caregiver.

By the way: You can often deduct your childcare expenses from your taxes.



Babysitters at Babysitting24 charge an average of CHF 16 per hour. Below, you find two examples of what the total costs could amount to for you:

Example 1

A 15-year-old babysitter looks after a child for two hours at your home, and you pay him a flat rate for the commute: 2x CHF 19 hourly wage + CHF 7 commute flat rate = CHF 45 total cost.

Example 2

An experienced 19-year-old babysitter looks after two children at your home for three hours, plus you pay them the tickets for public transport: 3x CHF 21 hourly wage + CHF 6.20 public transport tickets = CHF 69.20 total cost.

Should your babysitter be between 13 and 25 years old and earn a maximum of CHF 750 gross* per year, you can employ them via a pocket money job. This way you do not have to register them with the AHV.

Babysitters aged 26 and over must be employed and registered with the AHV. Furthermore, we recommend that you prepare a written contract of employment.


Adult childminders who work on average 5 hours or more per week in a household are considered nannies, and are entitled to at least the minimum wage (see table below).

Depending on their experience, nannies at Babysitting24 charge an average of CHF 25 per hour.


If your nanny charges CHF 25 per hour and is working at your home for 5 hours per day, you pay her a total of CHF 125 per day. For a 5-day week, this would be CHF 625 per week or approx. CHF 2,500 per month.

When employing your nanny, you have to add approx. 6.4% of the gross salary for social security. This amounts to a total payment of approximately CHF 2,660 per month.

It is recommended that you draw up a written employment contract for nannies in any case.

Minimum wage for nannies in Switzerland

Untrained domestic helper without work experience
Minimum wage: CHF 19.95
Suggestion: from CHF 22
Untrained with at least 4 years of work experience
Minimum wage: CHF 21.85
Suggestion: from CHF 24
Trained domestic helper with certificate of proficiency
Minimum wage: CHF 24.05
Suggestion: from CHF 26
All wages are gross.

Daycare mothers

Daycare mothers charge an average of CHF 26 per hour at Babysitting24.


You entrust your child to a daycare mother for 6 hours a day, who charges CHF 30 per hour. This means you pay CHF 180 per day. For 5 days, this would be a total of CHF 900 or about CHF 3,600 per month.

If your daycare mother is self-employed, there are no additional expenses. However, when you hire a daycare mother, social security costs will be added, as with an employed nanny.

It is best to set up a childcare contract with a self-employed daycare mother.

Accident insurance

For every type of domestic worker, there is also an obligation to have accident insurance (UVG). This applies to employed nannies as well. You are not required to provide accident insurance for babysitters who have a bag money job, or daycare mothers who are self-employed. Accident insurance costs approx. CHF 100 per year, regardless of the provider.



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