Reporting obligation of childminders

Reporting obligation of childminders

Childminders who receive payment to regularly care for children under the age of 12 at their home are subject to the Federal Ordinance on Foster Children (PAVO) and are required to report this to the respective municipal authorities.

The regulations regarding how many children have to be cared for at the same time for the reporting obligation to apply differ from canton to canton. It varies between one and five children. You should also register as a childminder with the municipality where you live to ensure that you can be kept up to date as regards the latest provisions. If you care for more than five children, the criteria for a day care centre must also be met.

Alternatively, day families can also join an association which takes on responsibility for placements, registration etc. Further information can be found, for example, at

If the childcare is performed by close relatives, such as grandparents or siblings, there is no licensing obligation.

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