6330 Cham
Baby-sitter • Tata • Mamma diurna

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Dati sull'assistenza

Tipo di assistenza
Baby-sitter, Tata o Mamma diurna
Possibili fasce orarie
mattino, pomeriggio o sera
Numero di bambini massimo possibile
4 o più
In quale fascia d'età?
meno di 2 anni, 3 - 5 anni, 6 - 9 anni o più di 9 anni

Presentazione personale

Dear family,
My name is Sunshine 27 years old,came from the Philippines,and now living in Cham Kanton Zug. I am looking for a job either part or full time.
I was an Au Pair for a year and had some nanny,cleaning and babysitting jobs.
Children are very special to me. I love helping them in their daily activities,teaching and playing with them. I can do house chores as well.
Please feel free to contact me and looking forward to meet your family. Thank you

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