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Baby-sitter o Tata
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meno di 2 anni, 3 - 5 anni o 6 - 9 anni

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Hi !!
My name is Federica, I am currently a student at HSG in St.Gallen. I am italian but I moved to Switzerland 6 years ago. I speak Italian as mother-tongue, however I’ve studied in an American School for years so my english is basically as a native speaker, I have the C1. I’ve studied French and German in high school, and I’m trying to improve in both languages! For me staying with children is one of the best things, I am almost 19 years old, but I already been a babysitter for a year and a half. In summer I took care of two girls, one of 5 years old and the other 9. I taught them english, and by the end of the second/third they could already speak with me well and they understood everything.
If you would like me to help you with your children and at the same time let them do something productive, as learning a new language like English, I’m here!

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