What hourly wage can I earn with Babysitting24?

Looking after children is a responsible job. That's why it's important to us that you receive fair pay in the process. Read here how much you can earn in the different chidcare jobs.

You determine your own hourly wage


When creating your profile, you set your own hourly wage. Be sure to consider your experience and qualifications. The hourly rates of other childminders in your area are a helpful first reference point. In addition, you can find more tips here to help you determine your hourly wage.

What is the hourly wage for adolescent babysitters?

If you intend to work as a babysitter, you should consider several aspects when determining your wage. For example, your age, your experience, and the region you are working in.

How much can I earn as a babysitter?

+ reasonable surcharge for overnight stay



If you are 18 or older and work an average of at least five hours per week, your job is considered to fall under the occupational group of nannies. Read the next section to find out what is important for you in this case.

Earn an average of CHF 25.– per hour as a nanny

If you work as a nanny (or manny) for an average of at least five hours per week, the regular working contract applies to you and thus the obligatory minimum wage. Depending on your experience and qualifications, you will receive an hourly gross wage ranging from at least CHF 19.20 to CHF 23.20. On Babysitting24, nannies and mannies earn a gross average of CHF 25.– per hour, which is significantly higher than the minimum wage. This means that with us, you can find the best-paid childcare jobs in your area.

This is how much nannies on Babysitting24 currently earn on average:

Average gross hourly wage
CHF 27.–
CHF 26.–
CHF 25.–
CHF 25.50
St. Gallen
CHF 24.50
CHF 24.50
CHF 22.50
CHF 23.–


If your client needs help with the employment formalities, recommend our fast, easy and free employment assistant Fairboss.

Self-determined as a childminder


As a childminder, you are usually self-employed and may additionally be a member of an association. In both cases, you determine your own hourly wage. If you belong to a childminders' association, it will do the payroll accounting with the parents for you.

You pay no agency fee

Many platforms for childcare job placements collect up to 30% of your wage in fees. We don't. On Babysitting24 you will neither pay a placement fee nor a commission. The payroll and payment are settled directly between you and your clients.

Your first step to the perfect job

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