According to the applicable legislation, all employees aged 20 and above are entitled to four weeks of holiday. Young people aged under 20 have the right to five weeks of holiday (based on a full-time position). In general, the holidays should be granted during the course of the year in question and at least two consecutive weeks of holiday must be given.

If you pay your child carer a monthly wage, this will continue to be paid while he or she is on holiday and no further steps need to be taken.

In the case of an hourly wage, it makes sense to incorporate the holiday remuneration in the hourly rate. This means that it is not necessary to pay a wage during the child carer's absence. The following additional payments need to be taken into account when calculating the wage:

4 weeks of holiday: 8.33% of the gross wage
5 weeks of holiday: 10.64% of the gross wage
6 weeks of holiday: 13.04% of the gross wage

Example: If you have agreed an hourly wage of CHF 10 with your 15 year-old babysitter and you pay him or her this wage after each babysitting session, he or she should be paid CHF 11.05 (110.64%) per hour including holiday remuneration.