Finding the right childcare

Finding the right childcare

Initial contact

In general, initial contact is made over the phone. Trust your gut instinct, gain a first impression and decide whether or not the child carer in question spontaneously comes across as likeable to you. Can you imagine entrusting the wellbeing of your children to this person? Does the potential child carer give you the impression that he or she really wants the best for your children? Also ask yourself how the child carer would act in an emergency.


We recommend that you always arrange to talk to the child carer in order to clear up the key issues. As a guide, we have made available the following lists of questions for this initial discussion:

Subsequently meet those individuals who you liked for an interview at a neutral location. Ensure that this initial contact always takes place in the absence of your children. You should also take the opportunity to discuss any specialist issues during this meeting at the latest:

What experience does your future child carer have to offer? Does he or she have experience with several children and what activities has he or she already performed? Does this experience meet your desired profile? Does he or she hold a diploma or a certificate? Is he or she familiar with certain pedagogical methods?

Does the applicant give you the feeling that he or she really wants to ensure the wellbeing of your children or is it simply a matter of earning money? Is the applicant interested in the interests, habits and mannerisms of your child/children? What does the child carer like about the job?

Can the child carer demonstrate that he or she has completed a course or does he or she have references from other parents?

Ask the child carer what he or she expects in terms of payment and clarify the employment conditions including travel expenses, meal arrangements, accommodation options, etc. in advance.

The child carer must of course be available during your desired times. You should also, however, discuss the possibility of working on a spontaneous basis and enquire about the child carer's flexibility as regards place and time.

Trial session
Once you have opted for one or more individuals, arrange for a trial session. Trust your gut feeling and instinct. Calmly leave your child alone with the child carer for a time and observe from a distance how they interact with one another. The most important thing for you is whether you have the feeling that your child is in the right hands. Following the trial session, also ask your child how he or she found the child carer.

Once you have found the appropriate childcare solution, please ensure that you note our hiring recommendations (contract, insurance, etc.).

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