COVID-19: How we support you

COVID-19: How we support you

Babysitters, nannies and childminders: now more important than ever

The corona virus puts many parents in a difficult situation. How is it still possible to work when school is cancelled and the children are at home? Who will stand in for the grandparents who are not supposed to look after children now?

Babysitters and nannies are still allowed to work at your home and help you. This has not changed. Most childminders also continue to offer their childcare places and thus make an important contribution.

We know that every family has different needs. Babysitting24 offers the largest selection of childcare providers in your area. Describe exactly what you are looking for and you will surely find a suitable solution.

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Health comes first - for everyone!

Neither children nor babysitters/nannies fall into the corona risk group (unless there are chronic pre-existing conditions). If parents urgently need childcare, e.g. for job reasons, then young people are the right choice. Under no circumstances should persons over 65 be responsible for childcare.

For the protection of all, it is essential that the rules of conduct of the Federal Agency of Public Health are followed during childcare. Washing hands and other hygiene measures are essential, both before and after childcare. Anyone who feels ill should cancel the assignment early. Similarly, ailing and sick children must not be cared for by a person outside the family.

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Babysitting24 supports all parents in finding the right care. We provide our service to childcare providers completely free of charge.