Nancy: Musikalischer bilingualer Childminder

Nancy: Musikalischer bilingualer Childminder


    Nancy: Babysitterin und Nanny in Zürich
    ✔️ Musikalischer bilingualer Childminder mit grossem Herz für Kinder
    ✔️ Prädikat der Eltern: caring – dedicated - amazing
    ✔️ " Every kid is so very unique and so very important. I‘m so thankful to have this chance to be of help and to take part in training their childhood. "

* Nancy wird besonders von bilingualen Eltern (engl.-dt.) angefragt, daher hat sie ihre Antworten direkt auf Englisch verfasst.

Babysitting24: Liebe Nancy, was ist dir im Umgang mit Kindern wichtig?

Nancy: Children need one‘s full attention, they need to feel secure. Playtime and laughter is an essential part of the interaction. Good hygiene like washing hands before and after meals, brushing teeth before bedtime, remaining consistent with instructions so the child knows what is allowed and what is not, is definitely needed. I love telling stories and reading books to children before bedtime.

As I am also a piano teacher, I also sing and do things that has something to do with music , So I would sing with children whenever I babysit, and I love hearing how they sing back or sing together with me. Every kid is so very unique and so very important. I‘m so thankful to have this chance to be of help and to take part in training their childhood.

Babysitting24: Was sollten die Eltern beachten, damit es für dich stimmt?

Nancy: My advice to parents is to give clear instructions as to what they expect from the babysitter/childminder. They should remain true to what they write on their ad, for example, it happens often that what‘s written is „nanny needed for half a day“ but after they change the hours instead of half a day, only for 2 hours. Meanwhile, the nanny has blocked off her schedule and reserved her half days for this family.

Also please be realistic with your expectations. When you have a young baby or toddler that needs full attention, do not expect the nanny to be still be the one to clean the floors and iron clothes „while the baby sleeps“. We are also human beings that need to rest so we could give quality time to the child when baby wakes up.

And last but not least: Please do things correctly, by registering to the AHV and taxes, insurance as per agreement. Being paid on time is very much appreciated.

Babysitting24: … eine lustige Anekdote aus deinem Alltag als Kinderbetreuerin?

Nancy: I was the childminder for a 2 and a half year old lively girl from NYC a month ago. I fetched her in the afternoon from the Krippe Mondays til Fridays for a whole month. Everytime I came to the Daycare, she ran towards me, sat on my lap, and proudly told everybody „She‘s my Nancy“.Finally, she had to go back to NYC. Her mom wrote to me to inform me that on the first day in the daycare in Manhattan, this sweet girl told her mom that she wants me to pick her up after .

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