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Baby-sitter • Mamma diurna • Tata

Dati sull'assistenza

Tipo di assistenza
Baby-sitter, Mamma diurna o Tata
Numero di bambini massimo possibile
4 o più
In quale fascia d'età?
meno di 2 anni, 3 - 5 anni, 6 - 9 anni o più di 9 anni

Presentazione personale

I am a Spanish social worker who want to have a future in relation about the children or disabled person.I´m in Switzerland for 2 years and I am currently having German classes for improve the language.

My work experience to date has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the job in question, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work for a company like yours. I firmly believe that my expertise in fields such as Social Worker would add significant value to a position as supportive of hard working employee as yours is. I´ve been working in a nursery for 7 years, caring a childrens and babies with some disabilities(Down´s Syndrome or Autism),1 year experience working in a NGO of Migrant People,experience in a disabled centre and Rehabilitaton Centre of Drugs and Alcohol.Also,I have 1 year experience in a Swiss family as a nanny.

I am a person who is discreet,lovely,switched-on and able to cook delicious meals,and intense personal commitment to the persons and the job, all together makes me ideal candidate for this role.

All my past achievements are indicative of an efficient employers who is able to work in a fast paced and challenging environment. I am hard working, professional and ready 100% to enjoy this kind of work.
I also have habilities caring childrens as a freelance in my free time.

Something about me…
In my free time I like to go hiking and care horses,and when I’m relaxed I usually watch a movie or read some interesting books.
I really want to work with disabled people because is the illusion of my life. I love play with them,caring,teaching and help them to grow in their lives.
My ideal job is in a good company which want to stay with me for a long time,with a nice atmosphere and nice area.

I would dearly like to further discuss the scope of this position with you, and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

I have excelents refferences to provide.

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