3008 Bern
Baby-sitter • Tata • Mamma diurna

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Tipo di assistenza
Baby-sitter, Tata o Mamma diurna
Possibili fasce orarie
mattino, pomeriggio o sera
Numero di bambini massimo possibile
In quale fascia d'età?
meno di 2 anni, 3 - 5 anni, 6 - 9 anni o più di 9 anni

Presentazione personale

I’m an American citizen from Boston. I moved to Bern about 3 years ago because my husband is from here. Currently I am working as a bartender but am looking to get away from working such late nights. Before moving to Switzerland I danced professionally as a Ballerina for several years after High school until I had a knee injury. Following my knee injury I began bartending in New York and as mentioned before I am still currently in this profession but have lots of prior experience taking care of children, beginning at the age of 14 with my first weekly babysitting job. After graduating high school and joining a professional Ballet Company I began teaching ballet to toddlers 3-4 years old and also to the 4-5 year old class. I loved teaching these classes because the children were brilliant and always brightened up my week. I was also a mothers helper in Boston to a 8 month old and 2 year old along with countless other babysitting jobs. I’m very down to earth, friendly and reliable. I looking forward to finding the right fit with the right family.

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