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Dear Family
I have worked as a helping hand for busy parents and their children for over 8 years, and my experience in childcare has directly improved the day-to-day life of the families which I have worked for. I am reliable and trustworthy who works professionally with warm-heart.

In my work, keeping children happy and safe is my number one priority. I keep them under a watchful eye and always make certain they avoid dangerous situations. I love all children. I work with my emotions of love for kids.

As a full-time nanny, I have encountered a variety of children and family situations which has shaped me into a flexible and quick-thinking worker. While working with the families I worked for, I watched the kids and managed their daily schedules of school, play dates, park, zoo and other extracurricular activities. And I also prepare good-tasting meals for children and take into account all dietary requests and requirements.

I have got professional training of pre-school teacher. I gain the TESOL certificate, (Teaching English to speakers of other language) and TCSO certificate (teaching Chinese as second language) which insure the earlier language development for children.

Above is a brief introduction of me.
Thank you for your attention and I am looking forward to hear from you.

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