Taking care of a 5 years old boy

6300 Zug

Informations sur la garde d'enfants recherchée

Je cherche un/e
Baby-sitter, Nounou ou Maman de jour
pour les périodes de garde suivantes
dans la matinée
Nombre d'enfants à garder
Age de l'enfant/ des enfants
3 à 5 ans

Informations sur l'emploi

I need someone to take care of my son in the mornings. This person would have to dress him up in the morning, prepare and have breakfast with him, prepare the znüni box and walk him to the school. I need that person to be at 7:00 am at home daily or at least 4 days a week, so that I can leave the house to go to work. He enters at school between 8:00 and 8:30. The school is 15-20 min walking from home.

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