8932 Mettmenstetten

Informations sur la garde d'enfants

Genre de garde souhaitée
Baby-sitter, Nounou ou Maman de jour
Nombre maximum possible d’enfants à garder
Préférences sur la classe d'âge
3 à 5 ans, 6 à 9 ans ou âgé de plus de 9 ans

Description personnelle

I’m Débora, 21 years old from Portugal. I finished my bachelor’s in marine biology and moved here on a gap year. I am based in Mettmenstetten, Zurich.

Do you want to have a night out, a weekend off, someone to cook and take care of your kids once in a while, to tutor them or to clean your house?

I’ve been a volunteer at a Science Center where I conducted birthdays and activities with hundreds of kids in total (over 4 years) from 6-12 yo. I’ve also given lectures at schools for 300 kids 9-13 yo regarding marine pollution. Right now I’m working with 2 kids (9 and 11) 30h/week, which means that I already have 300h experience as a ‘nanny’.

My free schedule includes weekends (saturday/friday evenings/nights if necessary), Mondays and Thrusdays 11h30-17h (starting from December on this days I’ll be free from 8h-17h), and also Wednesdays from 17h-evening. I am willing to go to Zurich, Zug or any other place within 30 minutes from Mettmenstetten. I feel confortable working with kids over 3 years old.

I have experience tutoring maths/english/sciences (I was given a 19 out of 20 in Maths in college). I’m an active person, very caring and responsible. My hobbies include diving, playing guitar, hiking and photography. I also cook.

I am willing to send you my CV in necessary.

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