6000 Luzern

Childcare details

Type of childcare
Babysitter or Nanny
Max. number of children
4 or more
Age of children
up to 2 years, 3 - 5 years, 6 - 9 years or more than 9 years

Personal description

Dear family,
My name is Alena, I am a 24 years old well-traveled Bulgarian girl, who is lucky enough to share very exciting stories with new friends! Due to my outgoing and fun personality, I would instantly connect with kids and create a great trustworthy bond. Having practiced sports since young age, I am very disciplined, organized and motivated to contribute to the neat harmony of your home. Also, I am an yogi so definitely patience is on my side! Living in Canary Islands, I often practiced interactive yoga with the children of local families.
I am a Bachelor in Tourism Management, having graduated university in West London, my work experience is predominantly in the hospitality industry. I’ve worked in an estate agency remotely, at the airport, in restaurants, hotels, surf houses and what I’ve developed through my experiences, is the communication skills to connect easily with the customers and colleagues. Working in an extremely busy and dynamic environment has really helped me improve my common sense and critical thinking and how to approach an extremely challenging situation with tranquility.
In terms of languages, I do apologize for my rusty German which I am currently working on, but to be completely honest, I would score my knowledge from 0 to 10 pretty much 0.5 (looking forward to improving!). I am however fluent in Bulgarian, English and Spanish and also gesture language so I hope we would have no troubles communicating.
In regards to my childcare experiences, professionally I might not be the best candidate. I do, however have plenty of practical experience, as I’ve been a very independent from young age so it’s been natural for me to look after family friend’s children, my family’s younger members etc. One thing I am certain is that I do enjoy communication, spending time, passing on and absorbing knowledge from the little ones. Also, I am a very tidy person with professional experience in house-keeping and nutrition.

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