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Babysitter oder Nanny
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Persönliche Beschreibung

My name is María. I ́m 30 years old and I ́m from Spain. I am currently living in Switzerland in Canton Luzern.
During my twenties, I achieved experience in different roles which have led me to where I am now.
When I was 20 I decided to move to Ireland to work as an Au Pair so I could practice speaking everyday. In Spain I did a course as a camp leader so I knew that I could use what I learned to be a good Au Pair. When I was working with the family, I really liked being with the kids. It was my first time working with children and I enjoyed all of my time doing it. It was great to see how the children reacted to different situations, and when they learned something new. It was really nice to see their activity and enthusiasm.
Since this first experience working with children, I have had much more more contact working and minding kids. I have worked in many places with kids as an Au Pair and as a Nanny. I worked in Germany as a nanny with twins, one boy and one girl.
And now I am working in Canton luzernas a nanny, for two kids. One is 9 months old and the other is 3 years old.
I also worked in canton zug, minding 2 boys.
I have a lot of experience now and I am good with kids. I like playing with them and keeping them happy, but I also know how to keep them busy and show them that they have to behave. It is sometimes hard for children to know this but I think that I have a lot of experience to help them do this.
I ́m an outgoing girl, a very organised person. I am also

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