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Babysitter oder Nanny
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Hello my name is Maya Weber and I have been living in Basel since August 2012 and just finished my studies in Basel in Spacial Design and Scenography. I want to take some time before I start working so I decided to look for Babysitting / Nanny Jobs.
I was born in America but went to Gymnasium in Germany. I speak fluent German and English and in addition to babysitting I also have experience working as an English Teacher at Dresden International School’s Summer Language Camp. It was a fun and very rewarding experience for me to develop lesson plans and to help children on their way towards aquiring English.
I was a very shy child and always cried and held onto my mother‘s leg when my parents wanted to go out – they didn’t go out much – until one day my younger sister and I were introduced to Ulrike our wonderful babysitter. We would draw and paint huge masterpieces, build towers, tell stories and play hide and seek together in the garden. The time separated from my parents would pass in the blink of an eye. Ulrike is my model for the babysitter I became. I very much enjoy spending time with children and I promise you that if you intrust your children to me we would have a lot of fun together." I am First Aid certified and would be happy to provide references.

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