1004 Lausanne

Angaben zur angebotenen Betreuung

Art der Betreuung
Babysitter, Nanny oder Tagesmutter
Erfahrung mit
Kleinkind (1-3 Jahre), Vorschulkind (4-6 Jahre) und Schulkind (ab 6 Jahre)
Maximal mögliche Anzahl Kinder
4 und mehr
Zusätzliche Dienstleistungen
Kochen und Essenszubereitung, Kinder abholen und bringen, Hilfe im Haushalt, Hilfe bei Hausaufgaben

Persönliche Beschreibung

¡Hello! My name is Andrea, I am from Málaga, Spain. I have studied in the past year Bachillerato in Spain. That is a course of two years prior to entering college. My specialty is science. I am going to study biochemistry the next course. I have a little brother so he’s been my responsibility many times. Also the last year I have been living in London as Au pair. I was under the responsibility of three wonderful girls. I accompanied them to school, I helped them with homework, cooked, etc…
I think if I could be described with some adjective a clear idea of my way of being is empathic. I am a young always ready to fight for the rights of each person. Friend of my friends, you can always count on me, to encourage when necessary or listen when it is necessary. Tireless worker, I am aware that with hard work and determination will get you everywhere. So I usually get what I propose. I Committed to the environment, I know that our future is at stake if we do not look for it. Great defender of animals, that I love. Very extrovert, being aware seize the precious gift of life that usually does not give second chances. Tolerant with who does not share my ideas, I listen to their arguments with respect and will discuss mine vehemently. I’m very confident in myself. In short, a young woman of her time with her feet on the ground.

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