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Lillesand Hotel Norge in Norway
07.2018-08.2018 and 07.2019-08.2019. Summer job at Lillesand Hotel Norge. I worked as a receptionist with responsibilities such as answering the phone, emails, sale and reservations. I also helped out in the restaurant setting the tables, service and cleaning. I additionally helped with organising events such as weddings, concerts and conferences.

Chiltern Firehouse in London
08.2017-01.2018. Internship at Chiltern Firehouse. This was a central part of my preparatory year at EHL. I worked in several departments of the hotel such as housekeeping, stewarding, rooms service and reception but spent most of my time in the hotel’s restaurant.

2015-16 Humanitarian work for non-profit organizations
South Africa and India for a total of three months
In South Africa, I worked at an orphanage for children affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as a national wildlife reserve. In India, I worked as a carpenter and a teacher. In New York, I regularly volunteered at the Seamen’s Church during my semester there. I contributed with cooking, baking, cleaning and other necessary help needed.

Design boutique hotel in Oslo, Norway
Working as a receptionist has taught me how to thrive in a fast-paced working environment and to tackle the varied challenges of running a hotel

2012-15 Work placement programs through school
I followed a general manager at bank, carpenter and nurse for a full working day. I witnessed first-hand the importance of clear communication skills, and the ability to work effectively in teams with other people

2011 – present Part-time jobs
Babysitter. I have regularly over the past six years been babysitting for two families who
have children at age 9-12. Janitor. I have spent several weeks over the summer working at home. I contributed with gardening work, cleaning, repairing work and other necessary work that needed to be done in the household

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